Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fort Niagara Field Trip

We went on a field trip to Fort Niagara while we were reading the book The Gold Laced Coat.  It is a great book and they tailored our tour of the fort to include parts from the book.  Our class just loves history so this has been very fun to tie it to ELA.  We took a second field trip to follow the path that the characters in the book had to travel.  We went from the fort to Niagara Falls.  Thankfully Mrs. Tharp didn't make us walk!  We took a poll and it was much longer than we imagined it when we read it in the book.  Then we walked around the falls.  We took pictures and used the flip cams to take video.  We loved taking pictures and videos.  We are going to put them together into an animoto video.   We will post it when it is done!

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