Thursday, March 14, 2013

Top10 People We'd Like to Meet - Challenge 1

We are participating in the Student Blogging Challenge 2013.  
This is challenge #1.

Here is our class list of the top 10 people we'd like to meet, and the questions we would ask them.  Some of us have complete lists on our individual blogs.  Feel free to visit us.
1. Billy West (voice actor for Ren and Stimpy) Did you hang out with friends when you were younger? - Mike
2. Ringo Star (voice actor for the old Thomas the Train and a Beatle)  Why did you go from drumming to narrating? - Carlito
3. Kelly Clarkson - How did it feel to win American Idol? - Makayla
4. Justin Bieber - Are you coming to Buffalo for a concert soon? - Brooke
5. Kendall (from Big Time Rush) What is your favorite song? - Shaun
6.  President Andrew Johnson - What was your favorite food? - Andrew
7. John Deere - Why did you pick the color green for the tractors? - Byron
8. Alice Green - Is there going to be another Twilight movie coming out? - Brianna
9. Big Time Rush - Can I have a backstage pass/ - Dannielle
10.   Ben Roethlisberger - What does it feel like to win a super bowl? - Noel

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