Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Our Digital Footprint - Challenge 6

We have spent a lot of time in class talking about how to be safe on line.  Here is our list of things to remember:
1. Keep your private information private!
     *Don't give out your last name.
     *Don't give out your phone number.
     *Don't give out your address.
     *Don't give out your birthday.
     *Never share your passwords.
2.  Check your privacy settings.
3.  Only go to sites your teacher or parents say are okay.
4.  Be nice and say kind words.
5.  Be yourself.
6.  Be truthful.
7.  Think before you post.
8.  If you see something bad online turn it off and tell your parents.
9.  Remember not everything on the internet is true.
10. Once you put it online it is there for good.

We hope this video makes you think about your digital footprint.  
Are you leaving a positive mark on the world?

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