Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Pilgrims by Makayla, Madisyn, and Brianna

In History we have been leaning about the Pilgrims. They left England and went to the Netherlands for religious freedom. Then they went to America. They were on a ship called the Mayflower and it was a long journey. Some people died on the trip. Before they got off the ship all the men signed the Mayflower Compact. They promised to set up a government and follow the rules of the new government. A Native American named Squanto made friends with the pilgrims and helped them.


  1. Good Morning!! I LOVED your post on the pilgrims and the Mayflower!! I have gone to school for 20 years (can you believe that?!?) and have my college and master's degrees and I STILL learned things from your post! I love learning new things! Here's some of what I learned...

    I didn't realize the pilgrims stopped in the Netherlands before heading to America.

    I didn't know how many passengers and crew were on board, and had no idea that there were so many men and boys and so few women and girls. Can you imagine being on that ship for 66 days with all of those men and boys?? I wonder what that was like for those girls.

    I also learned that the pilgrims spent the first winter back on the ship. I would imagine it was VERY hard for the pilgrims to go back on that ship to live after having been cramped on there for their voyage.

    Speaking of being cramped, I think I would have been very claustrophobic if I had been stuck below deck on the Mayflower for 66 days. I wonder what the people who get sea-sick or claustrophobic did? I can imagine that it was a miserable trip for them.

    I learned that there was a baby born on the voyage! I never knew that before!! I wonder if there was a doctor or nurse on board to help deliver the baby?

    Thank you so much for teaching me so many new things before I've even had breakfast this morning! There's nothing better than starting the day by learning new things. You must have a very good teacher. :) (actually, I know you have an amazing teacher, because she is my big sister!).

    Have a great day learning new things and teaching others about what you learn!!!

    Kristina Boersma

    1. Makayla and MadisynJanuary 28, 2013 at 8:31 PM

      Thank you for reading our History post. We are glad you liked it.

      We think being on a ship with all boys would be bad. The girls would have to do all the cooking! That would not be fair. We think the men and boys should do the cooking!