Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Byron's Day of Blogging 12.12.12

Byron's 12 favorite things:
Four wheelers, tractors, video games, learning, computers, YouTube, music, kickball, pictures, candy, trains, and applesauce.


  1. Still loving tractors and four wheelers I see --- you are a good ole' country boy. Are you still singing country songs? Hope you are having fun blogging.

  2. Dear Mrs. Leubner Thank you for commenting on my blog. Yes I still sing county and rock songs. What is your favorite country or rock song?

    Do you still ride four wheelers and tractors?

  3. Hi Byron!
    Kickball was my favorite game as a child. I didn't know that you liked applesauce! I have some trains at home that I will bring in for you to see and play with! You are a great student. I am proud of you!:)