Friday, December 21, 2012

What We've Been Learning

We have been learning a lot lately that we wanted to share with you. Mike, Makayla, Madisyn, and Mrs. Tharp wrote about what we have been studying, learning, and doing.  We have been doing a lot of writing.  We had lessons on dignity for all and writing assignments that made us think about how the characters in the book we were reading were responsible and showed respect for each other.  We wrote about a respectful or responsible person we know, or a time when we acted responsibly.  We wrote about our 12 favorite things and participated in a Day of Blogging on 12.12.12.  We worked hard to reply to all of the comments on our blog.  We did lots of writing!

We finished our history unit on Henry Hudson.  We learned about elements, compounds, and mixtures in science.  We did math in a lot of different ways.  We worked on the computer, on the board, and some of us still really like worksheets.  We finished the book " The Boy Who Ran For President".  We liked it a lot.  It was about a boy our age who ran for president and actually won!  

We did Christmas bowling in gym and earlier we had some fun with a parachute.  We also learned soccer and hockey skills.  We finished some cool Christmas projects in Art class.  We used water colors to paint our own Christmas trees, and other techniques to create some unique tiling effects on ornaments and decorations.  Miss Tharp ordered one of our famous cookie platters for students in the YALT program at Daemen College, and so we made brownies and rice crispy treats. In Home and Careers we made some really fun Christmas cards using recycled cards.  We also started a fun Friday where we get to choose which station we want to go to.  We have games, snacks, nail polish etc.

Mrs. Tharp signed us up for 2 new sites, Zondle and Magna High, to help make learning fun at school and home!  We all love working on edmodo whenever we have time.  The apps are fun and we like sending messages to each other.  Some of us were able to join an edmodo group with students from other states and countries that we are working with on a project.  We liked meeting them and sending messages to them.  It turns out we like a lot of the same things - computers, sports, games, TV, and we even like some of the same books.

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  1. Happy New Year, Mrs. Tharp's class! I just love your blog. Thanks for the great Merry Christmas video. Your watercolor trees are awesome! They belong in an art museum, they are that good. You are doing so many fun things in your class and now you are even sending messages to other studens across the country - wow! Sorry I can't send you a voicemail but I don't have a microphone. Keep blogging - see you soon, Ms. Bryan