Friday, December 14, 2012

Monkeys Visit Our School

Mike wrote about our assembly yesterday:

Yesterday at school we had some special visitors.  They were MONKEYS!  We learned a lot from the “monkey guy”.  Monkeys should not be kept as pets.  To get one you have to get a special permit.

New world monkeys are different in shape, size, and color and they can be a pain.  The older one that came would not follow directions, she would throw her food especially mushrooms, and she would take the other monkeys food. 

Baby pygmy marmoset monkeys are small.   We saw one that only weighed 8 oz. and was the size of a pop can.   They don’t get to much bigger than that.  Their body length is between 130 to 370 mm or 5-14 inches long, and their tail is between to 150 to 420 mm or 6-15 inches long.  

Japanese macaque monkeys are medium sized.   They are found living in cold regions of the world. They are the world’s most northern living monkey species.  They adapt incredibly to their surroundings.

It was a very fun assembly (funny too), and we liked it!  


  1. Nice reporting, Mike! You did a really great job mentioning everything that happened. Anybody who wasn't there for the assembly will get a very good idea of what we all saw with The Monkey Man. Keep up the good work, class bloggers! Ms. Bryan

  2. Thank you Ms. Bryan for the comment. Where you here for the monkey man?
    Did he came to your school?

  3. HI Mike
    I wish I could have been there for the monkey man. I am happy you gave so much detail though. I feel like I saw it myself. Great reporting!!